Review: REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15

Being a sufferer of dry yet acne prone skin, the thought of going on holiday and smearing sun cream all over my face was a major fear. I therefore made it my mission to find a sunscreen suitable for acne prone skin. Researching numerous options, I settled on the newly released REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15.

REN market their products as being ‘clean’ with no ‘skin-unfriendly ingredients’ and they follow five key principles:  Right Ingredients, Right Science, Right Product Experience, Right Environmental Impact and Right Attitude. Having only ever read great reviews about REN skincare and knowing their attitude toward their products, I was thrilled when I discovered they’d branched into sun care for 2012.

REN state that the Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15 is suitable for all skin types and has the following benefits: protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun, fights free radicals, harnesses the beneficial properties of sunlight to keep skin looking younger for longer and leaves no white residue.

The result: it worked!

REN advise for the product to be applied over moisturiser, so I teamed it with the Clinique anti-blemish solutions moisturiser. The product melted straight into the skin and left an invisible veil – no greasy, sticky skin in sight. With the product being an SPF 15, it is medium protection and – with my skin tone – only two applications per day were needed to substantially protect the skin and still allow for a tan to develop. Hopefully REN will develop this line of products to offer a variety of SPF levels. After using the product twice a day for one week, my skin was glowing, blemish free and had developed a nice tan without any redness or dry patches.

The product was also packaged well in a clear tube with a pump applicator – this allowed for easy application and the advantage of seeing how much of the product was left.

The REN Sun Veil SPF 15 retails at £26 for 50ml.

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