Solange Knowles Becomes Township Fashionista in Losing You Video

Understated, subtle sexiness, super chilled with full head of hair. It’s fair to say that Solange Knowles’ journey from teenage RnB artist to this generation’s princess of natural beauty has remarkably and still yet unknowingly opened the a can of Afrocentric worms onto this year’s very much black and white pop culture.

Let’s face it, being mostly referred to as Beyoncé little sister must get a little tedious and after a while the perks of having a global superstar as your elder may become well… standard.

Getting married at seventeen, having a baby a year later and heading four years down the line to your divorce isn’t the typical Knowles family storyline but this is what makes the Houston Texas born but New York defined 26-year-old a whole lot more fascinating. Ultimately Solange has lived life.

We would be lying if we said that Solange’s early music material was genius, many saw her debut album Solo as just another RnB album. Her second album Sol-Angel saw collaborations with hit producers Mark Ronson and Cee-Lo Green but it seemed that the ‘Look I’m Beyoncé’s sister’ tag just wasn’t ready to leave.

With a spontaneous ditch of the weave, a quick chop of the hair and print inspired wardrobe, in 2009 Solange developed herself into a chic and sophisticated fashion inspiration, model, leading DJ and artists. In a nutshell, Solange made herself relevant again.

It wasn’t before long that the world was putting the mother-of-one on a fashion pedestal for her laid back yet uber glamorous style and attitude. It didn’t matter if she was rocking her Poetic Justice inspired box braids, an Afro or channeling African print or gym sweats, Solange instantly became every fashion editor’s dream.

In an interview with Essence Magazine back in May, Solange reveled that she was humbled about people calling her a natural hair icon and an inspiration. She reveled:

“I honestly was just tired of the energy surrounding my hair… So when I cut it, I didn’t think about what anyone else would think… I get women all the time on Twitter and face-to-face saying, “I did this [haircut] because you did.” That’s really, really humbling, and I think it’s amazing”

With the release of her new single Losing You, it’s clear that Solange has found herself in her music. The video sees Dapperly dressed men playing croquet and getting their suites fitted at what seems to be their take on Savile Row that quirky complements the feel good vibe of this break up song. Oh and of course Solange’s awkward dancing all uniquely set in front of a South African township backdrop. We can’t wait to see what else she’s got hidden under her sleeve.

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