Keeping Up With The Hyper-Groomed

I watch ‘reality’ TV. There, I said it. It’s light-hearted entertainment that ironically sidetracks you from actual reality.


The reason for my confession? ‘The Only Way is Essex‘ and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘. Probably about 90% of the reason I watch these two shows in particular  is the fascination to see what the cast members are wearing, how their hair looks, and what their make-up looks like in each episode. The females featured in these shows, ladies and gents, fit the term that is called ‘Hyper-Groomed‘.

A quote by good old Coco Chanel springs to mind here:

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little- if only out of politeness.’

And I think it’s true. I believe that girls should take a bit of pride in their appearance when they face the outside world and should try to make a little effort at least. I may not always be top-notch and certainly not Hyper-Groomed when I leave my house on an average day but I think it’s important to be presentable. By this I am not referring to over-the-top measures but subtle things like nice clothes, brushed hair, perhaps some cosmetics.

However, imagine THIS was your frequent routine:

Get up, get ready, get hair highlighted and styled at salon, go get eyebrows tinted and eyelash extensions put in, go get nails done, decide on gels or acrylics for said nails, pop into another salon for a spray tan, pray you go a sun-kissed tone and not Dorito orange, get hair touched up again super-quick, make sure all of this is done in extra high heels and impractical clothing that looks uncomfortable.

The destination (finally reached after hours of grooming and prep):

Cafe/ Uni/ Cinema/ takeaway and films at your friends house.

My point is, the normal girl is only ever Hyper-Groomed on a big night out, but these reality show chicks carry this look into the day too. Does it work? Should it strictly be kept to nights? Is it being taken too far? Is it normal? WHAT would Coco Chanel say?!

Right, enough questions. I’m off to totter to the corner shop in my highest heels.

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