5 Great Tips for a Cheap Fresher’s Halloween

Halloween is a major event on any fresher’s calendar but can be expensive, so here are 5 tips to add to your Halloween experience without spending too much money:

  • Plan ahead – Clubs and bars use Halloween themed nights to attract plenty of students, prices will rocket and events sell out scarily fast. Buying tickets in advance can not only guarantee you entry but mean you also avoid paying those frighteningly high on-the-door prices.
  • Mix up the drinks a bit – Be creative with your pre-drinks. Adding food colouring to cocktails or placing jelly worms at the bottom of glasses are simple, cheap methods to add a bit of Halloween to your pre-drink experience. Take this a step further by getting some glow in the dark straws and thinking of creepy names for your creations such as ‘Impaled on the rocks’ or ‘Dissection on beach’.
  • Fake blood- The king of cheap Halloween costumes! A bottle of this can be purchased for as little as a pound from discount stores in every town centre. Simply rough-up an old white t-shirt and squirt the blood all over like a madman. No one knows quite what you are but if you equip yourself with a discount mask or vampire teeth this can be a cheap but effective look, or failing that…you are a zombie.
  • Pumpkin carving– Pumpkins can be bought on the cheap at most supermarkets and are an easy way to add a spooky atmosphere to your accommodation. See who can carve the best face/crude design in them and the innards can even be eaten if anyone fancies them
  • A glow in the dark condom- This Halloween you have the chance to make yourself a legend in your halls. Whether male or female, purchase a glow in the dark condom and make this Halloween one to remember for the costumed companion you accompany home.
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