Manhattan Fashion: Move Over Carrie Bradshaw?

carrie bradshaw

I write this from the currently unbreakable clutches of my jet-lagged bed. The reason for my laziness and jet-lag? I’ve just returned from my first ever trip to the Big Apple, New York City itself.

I won’t blab on about the sights and (TAXED) food- even though it was all very amazing. Instead I shall blab about my observations on the fashionable females of NYC.

carrie bradshaw

Now, called me old-fashioned and ‘last-season’ but as a fan of Sex and the City I expected more than a few mini- Carrie Bradshaw’s in terms of style. I had high hopes for the current Manhattan-fashionista’s ensembles: would they still favour Carrie’s cute/clash look?

What I did find was that the new Manhattan girls can be put into two tribes: the glossy and the cool.

The glossies on one side with their shiny, blow-dried hair and their clothing a palette of fitted, minimalistic statement pieces, either in colour-blocking bold shades or neutral tones. They favour mid-heeled designer shoes and finish the look with massive tortoiseshell sunglasses and subtle make-up with a statement lip.

Then the cool: these girls are nowhere near as polished as the super-luxe glossies but they get the job done. Think long, effortless hair, a one-off piece of the latest trend, walking purposefully in their heeled booties whilst clutching a vintage designer bag. Their make-up is mostly eye-liner flicks and bright eye shadows, like a Manhattan-hipster style.

The Manhattan chicks were definitely what I expected but did not fail to disappoint. Although there was not a Carrie Bradshaw type in sight the impact of these two tribes is eye-catching and fitting to the new Manhattan scene. It’s all about polished but effortless over there it would seem but it has impact.


Tips for Shopping in Manhattan:

  • They looove a bit of fur clothing of some sort. As I’m not a fan of real fur I focused more on the many shops containing faux-fur pieces. Coats and hats are the most popular choices.
  • Sephora is make-up and cosmetic paradise. There used to be some in the UK but all the ones I knew of closed down. However, there is no shortage in Manhattan and they are definitely worth a stop-by. Times Square store and Fifth Ave. store are the biggest/best.
  • Their designer clothing, shoes and bags for women are beyond. Definitely more variety than the UK. Their menswear is pretty good too. Sadly, their lower-priced clothing options seemed a bit unimpressive, so definitely a trip that acquires a lot of spending money to fund their designer appeal.
  • Personally, I think our ‘normal’ clothes are better over here and we have more reasonable prices (they also add tax to clothes too), so I would stick to their designer bags and shoes on a shopping trip in NYC. That is the area they excel most in.
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