Foster The People: Torches

This year I was introduced to Electro/Indie-Pop trio Foster The People. Having strayed from the indie genre in recent years, the Californian threesome have swiftly lured me back in with their melodic, pop-rock jams and jaunty beats. Foster The People’s debut album Torches has placed them firmly on the map for indie lovers everywhere. Their debut single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ was released in 2010 and became an instant virul success. The track has been regarded as a ‘crossover hit’ for the band and credited for their commerical success after the release of the full length album in early 2011. Much like the band’s quirky first single, the album has been immensely popular since its release.

Foster the People Torches

The band formed in Los Angeles in 2009 and have since received two Grammy Award nominations for Torches and ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. What makes the band differ from many alternative rock groups is that they offer rythmic tracks that you can actually dance to. Their music is an infusion of 70’s sounding vocals somewhat reminiscent of The Bee Gees, and upbeat tempos that you can bob your head to. The album presents something for everyone, whether it be soft, romantic love ballad ‘I Would Do Anything For You’ or ‘feel-good’ freedom anthem ‘Call It What You Want’; the whole album is incredibly catchy and will have you reaching for the repeat button more than once. Each track seems to be more addictive than the previous. If a soundtrack to life was ever needed, this would be the ideal choice.

Torches seems to be the perfect debut; it’s accessible to many listeners, making the band an instant success and ensuring great staying power. The fact that the infectiously catchy ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ can still be heard on many radio stations nearly two years on is testament to this. The band are currently working on their next album, which lead singer Mark Foster claims will be “more evolved” than it’s predecessor. Let’s hope that FTP don’t stray too far from their roots and stay faithful to the joyful pop-rock sound that we know and love.

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