Now those of you who open a fashion magazine, turn on a music channel or peruse a blog or two will know that the most recent trend which has been sweeping the nation for the last few months is disco pants. For those of you luck enough to be oblivious to this assault on fashion see the image below…

I’m talking tighter than skin, hideously shiny, womb revealing garments, I refuse out of principle to call them trousers because they look like something I was forced to wear as a child taking dance classes.

There was me thinking, this was just another ill informed and tasteless trend which would briefly take hold of the nation for a matter of weeks, at most a month or two and then be on its merry way to the Oxfam donation pile. Alas, unlike the occasional and ill advised resurfacing of blue mascara this trend doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere quickly. The original concept behind this ‘trend’ was the iconic and envy invoking closing scene from Grease featuring Olivia Newton John in a pair of disco pants so tight that she was cut out of them at the end of a hard days work. Although a tiny fraction of the disco-pant wearing populous can look moderately presentable or even fashionable in these leg-sheaths I personally fail to see what is attractive about leaving nothing to the imagination. Realistically with some of the cheaper and more ill fitting versions of disco-pants there is no room for underwear, let alone imagination.

So why are countless females up and down the country be so eager to mimic this trend because frankly the majority of people ‘rocking’ this look like they are more out of proportion than out of the movies?

Enlighten me please


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