Leather weather: DIY, you stud muffin, you.

Fall is here! And so is the leather trend, well, the studded leather trend anyway.

We’ve all got that old leather jacket that we’ve worn too many times but just don’t have the heart to let it go. You know what I’m talking about, that one jacket you always throw on even if it is falling apart. Well, in my case make that two denim/leather shirts, three leather jackets and an old camo/leather coat. Fear not DIY lovers! I have a way in which you could jazz up your wardrobe using studs. Yes, studs. Gold or silver studs, depending which way you want to go; silver for rock chic or gold for vintage glam.

Okay, so in shops such as Topshop, H&M and Zara, just to name a few, I’ve seen the stud trend grow since the start of the year. There on shoes, shirts, jeans and accessories. And I’ve always been so close to buying something but the price tag has always stopped me. But now, I’ve come up with a solution which agrees with both my bank balance and the fall fashion trends.

On average a studded leather jacket will cost you £65.00 from Topshop and a whopping £239 from Zara.

If you can’t spend that much on a leather jacket, worry not! If you have an old plain leather jacket lying around or you could even buy one from the charity shop (for a one off bargain!) you can make your own for a fraction of the price – literally. All you will need is a packet of studs, (a packet or two) depending on what style you want to go for and how crazy you get with the studs. And just pierce the studs through the fabric and bend the prongs inwards so they stay in place and there you have leather, studded jacket.

You can buy a pack of 50 for under £6.00 GBP from Amazon.

And when the studded trend falls through, remember you can always pull the studs out to get your clothing back to its original form!

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