Review: Animal Collective in Zurich

With the cold setting in and the snow threatening in Zurich, it may be tempting to stay in with a fire burning and some comforting fondu. Occasionally an opportunity comes along to entice you to leave the comfortable confines of the house and venture out. On 20th ofNovember Animal Collective came to perform in Zurich for the first time.

The American ‘experimental psychedelic’ band, based in New York, are currently on an international tour promoting their new album, Centipede Hz. The X-Tra venue, only half full, was a little ambitious for a high-energy band. A slightly smaller venue would have suited and lively movement inducing style of Animal Collective. The set though, encapsulated the interesting colourful blend of electronic guitar music. The band performed inside a mouth like set, amongst what looked like horns. The back wall was a huge video screen which showed videos in time with the music. If the bands personalities were not entertaining, the videos certainly were!

From the outset, there was a lack of connection between the band members and the audience. It was not until the encore that the vocalist and keyboards player moved to the front of the stage to engage the audience in a spot of dancing. A lively dominant lead man could have whipped up the crowed and had them jumping to the fast and colourful sounds. As it was, a few nodding heads and tapping feet was as good as it got.

Despite the lack of connection, Animal Collective have an innovative sound which is constantly changing every new album. Their single Today’s supernatural and Applesauce are great new tunes and will be popular throughout their tour. If you have not heard their music before indulge yourself in their back catalogue

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