Airtricity League: In Search Of Fans

Here we go, the most talked about topic in Irish football and I know you may have read something like this article before but this is from a different view. I am going to tell you about what a small group of fans in south county Dublin are doing to bring their clubs’ reputation up to the level it deserves to be at.

UCD AFC is a club in South Dublin. They work in full conjunction with the University. The Uni. feeds players who receive scholarship’s to the club who then give them top flight experience during their college years and develop them to a standard needed to progress in the footballing world.

UCD are always a young team with little to no experience however under Martin Russel they play a kind of Brendan Rogers’ Swansea style game. That is attractive but is not enough to get the crowds like the other teams do. So as a result, and the main reason I am writing this today is to tell you what the supporters of the club are doing. Yes, the “Supporters”.

It has been pitched to some of the fans to create leaflets to advertise the UCD AFC cause to help the club get back to the golden days when hundreds of students and the general population would flock to Belfield and watch the students take on the best that the Irish game has to offer.

The supporters will be mainly trying to entice the foreign population of South Dublin. They will be trying to bring them back to their footy roots as moving over here would have dragged them away from their local or national clubs. A valiant idea and should be looked very well upon by other supporters of smaller or bigger clubs alike.

Hopefully something like this even though still only in the idea stage could spark a revolution in the fan bases that attend each and every game, home or away.

“The devoted fan.”

And even if this fails miserably and it may yet, if they can appeal to one person, one person is all it takes to create that snowballing effect that could really help the league and especially team’s like UCD AFC.

For example, in August of 2012 UCD played their geographical rivals Bray Wanderers in “so so” conditions weather wise and the turn out for this game which always delivers goals played in front of 313 fans.

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