Book Review: Is It Just Me? – Miranda Hart

And now, finally, the book review that you’ve all been secretly waiting for! Is It Just Me? By the British Queen of Comedy herself: Miranda Hart. I don’t usually read autobiographies, so I had no idea what to expect when I began reading it, especially as Miranda’s know for being a little… er, different. But, I was surprised to find that it’s not, strictly speaking, a conventional biography.

In her, what she likes to call, “literary romp” she discusses different life issues and how you should tackle them. For awkward people, like Miranda, it serves as a “Miran-ual” to life. However, as soon as you get your teeth in, Miranda start her antics and digress’ to anecdotes of bra-fitting embarrassment and restaurant troubles. She talks directly to the reader and there are also contributing conversation between Miranda to her 18 year-old self. There’s also: conversations with her dog, job interview madness and wedding failures. What you won’t expect from this book, though, is that Miranda does sometimes get deep and tells the reader that it’s okay to be who you are, and that’s the only person you should be. There’s no point trying to be someone who you’re not – it’s pointless and no fun at all.

The way she tells her story is, if nothing else, uniquely interesting. It’s not 300 pages about Miranda’s life and how she struggled growing up. She tells her experiences through talking to her former self and telling the audience. She relates you and makes you feel part of her book… she calls it a journey. Buy this book and you’ll find yourself spinning around on your office chair and doing forward roles in your bed (don’t ask, it isn’t just me.) You will laugh out loud, you will tell all your friends, you will love this book – and so, for this reason, you should buy this book. It was excellent.


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