Top 10 films of 2012 #6 – Argo

Ever since Pearl Harbour Ben Affleck’s acting career went from bad to worse, taking part in movies such as gigli and Daredevil seriously damaging a reputation that had been well established with movies like Good Will Hunting and Chasing Amy, it really looked like all was lost for Affleck. Then in 2007 he released his first directorial work Gone baby Gone to surprising critical acclaim, then three years later he released his follow up The Town, once again to critical acclaim. That brings us to now and his third and arguably best movie to date, Argo.

Argo tells the story of six members of the US Embassy who are trapped in Iran after Iranian rebels have attacked the US Embassy headquarters, they are then forced to wait with the Canadian embassy and await further instructions. The situation at first appears hopeless until Ben Affleck’s character comes up with the idea of sneaking them out as a film crew; ridiculed by his colleagues initially it ultimately appears to be the only option and so it begins.

Affleck’s attention to detail in the movie is incredible; this being particularly highlighted during the credits when real life pictures of the events are shown and the resemblance is uncanny.

Affleck also shows up just how skilled a director he has become, creating incredible tension during the movie’s closing stages as the film draws to its exciting climax.

His casting choices also really pay off. The ever fantastic Alan Arkin is hilarious in his supporting role as the director of the fake movie whilst John Goodman is also superb alongside him as the movie’s make up agent, the legendary John Chambers.

Verdict: Affelck’s best work to date and a shoe in for a few oscar nominations. Having already earned itself numerous nods at the Golden Globes, this could be the most successful movie of Affleck’s career. Rating: **** and a half

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