The Student Style Guide

Step 5: Cut crazy and stud mad! If you find an old top that has the party potential then cut it up a little! Get rid of those manly sleeves or that baggy belly and really go for it girls. Let some flesh show, it’s your night out after all!

Step 6: We all know that studs are an essential fashion item so why not sew some studs onto those shorts you so desperately want to wear. Don’t over do it (unless you like that!). Keep it simple, you only need about three studs on each leg to jazz it up a little.

Step 7: To top it all off, you need some sexy heels. For me, I depend on heels to save me from revealing my stumpy legs so I’m always up for spending a little more on heels.

Step 8: Get yourself down to Primark or New Look where they have some great bargains! Don’t forget ladies, being a student does have its advantages; in most high street shops you get 10% off with a valid student card so why not stretch a little and go wild?

Step 9: If all else fails, we all know that we can rely on a friend’s wardrobe. But either way, you’re saving money so that you can spend that little extra on your night out!

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