What to Watch in 2013 – Horror movies



STARRING: Chloe Moretz, Julianne Moore

FIRST THOUGHTS: Yet another remake of a classic, with a contemporary retelling of Stephen King’s Carrie. This film was originally set for an early summer release but has now been pushed back to October. The cynic in me is thinking that this is a bad thing, although it could just be that the studio’s envisage the film making more money in the Halloween period. Either way, only a limited amount of information has been revealed, with a few photo’s of a blood-drenched Chloe Moretz being the most exciting piece of gossip. Horror fans will have to sit tight on this one and wait for more news, a trailer and art-work. Until then, I’m cautious about it.



There are a few sequels coming out in 2013 like Paranormal Activity 5 and The Last Exorcism 2 (that doesn’t even make sense as a title?!) but I didn’t think these deserved a mention, not when compared to the more interesting projects above. Did I miss out your most anticipated horror film? Or do you disagree with anything I’ve said? If so, drop a comment below.

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