Let’s Get Together – International Women’s Day 2013

On Friday 8th March 2013, ladies all over the world will unite to celebrate International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to join together with some of your favourite gals to raise some money for women who aren’t as lucky as you?

Women all across the world are greatly poverty stricken, they are discriminated, abused and uneducated, and it’s time that we stand up for these women by raising money and making their voices heard.

In the Western world, we take things like education, safety, food and a home for granted, because that is our right as women, and as humans, so if we focus on the equal rights that we are given then more women will be granted the opportunity to have power over their lives.

Life is hard for everyone in these times of economic crisis, but the millions of women who are working the land to produce food for luckier people like ourselves are the first to lose their jobs when the times get tough.

This generation of women could get access to an education, an opportunity that was never an option for their mothers. They will build confidence and have a chance at getting a higher paid job and in turn, rely on themselves, and have the confidence to speak out against violence. They will have access to loans, tools, business training and be taught better farming techniques, which means that more women will have the ability to grow more food and produce goods so that they are able to market themselves and earn their own living.

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