Let’s Get Together – International Women’s Day 2013

Women can often have specific needs that are vital to ensure that they survive so by putting laws and systems in place, better health care can be guaranteed. This will mean that more women will survive through childbirth, and more children will be treated against easily preventable diseases.

Education could also be open to older women. In many cases, struggling mothers battle to feed their families due to adverse weather conditions or unemployment, and in the past few years, Oxfam have helped to increase the importance of women in their communities and countries and provide access to training and loans for tools, as well as funded classes that have been proven to build the self-esteem and confidence of young people.

But how can you help to make all of these things possible? Having a Get Together and uniting the women in your life to get some cash for those who may not be as fortunate. By throwing your own Get Together, you could help young girls get access to an education, something that those in the Western world take for granted. It can also help support women who farm to become entrepreneurs and give them the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

There are no rules to the Get Together, it can be anything from a cocktail session at your favourite bar to a group sky dive, whatever tickles your fancy, just Get Together and raise some much needed cash.

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