Are Hollywood re-make’s the new book adaptation? An Ode to World Cinema

2. Anything for her 2009 (France)- The Next Three Days 2010

This French thriller stars Inglorious Bastards Diane Kruger. Like it’s 2010 counterpart it focuses on a High School teachers elaborate prison break to free his wife when there are no legal means left to him. Imagine Prison Break but like super romantic. This film was surprising and really very, very good. It’s intelligent and it takes it’s time whilst never quite straddling the territory of dull. I do adore a film that makes use of pace! There’s suspense here that could make Hitchcock proud. I swear it’s a far superior watch to it’s remake.


3. Infernal Affairs 2002 (Hong Kong)- The Departed 2006

Infernal Affairs is a 2002 Hong Kong crime-thriller directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. It tells the story of a police officer who infiltrates the triads, and a police officer secretly working for the same gang. Though The Departed is easily one of Scorcese’s most flawless films and arguably the most accessible, a nod has to be given to Infernal Affairs for providing the awesome and original plot. This film was believed to single handedly revive Hong Kong cinema so if that’s not a reason to check it out I don’t know what is!


So there we have it, three super original and awesome films that got glammed up for the worse so why don’t you treat your movie loving noggin to a treat and check them out.

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