Product Review: Gorilla Perfumes are lush!

It is said that perfumes are like cocktails without the hangover, like chocolate without the calories, like a vacation from which you never have to return. Well whilst Lush can’t promise you a one way ticket to Barbados they do offer sweet smelling fragrances that won’t hurt your bank balance. With their sleek black design, vivid colours and £3.95 price tag Gorilla (solid) perfumes are a must have beauty product.

Since Lush prohibit cosmetic testing on animals and handmake all their products using little or no preservatives or packaging, their fragrances are kind to the earth as well as your purse!

Gorilla (solid) perfumes were introduced to Lush to showcase the perfumery of Mark and Simon Constantine both of whom wanted to create high quality perfumes without the elaborate marketing schemes. Each unique and memorable fragrance is inspired by some aspect of their lives.

My personal favourites are Lust and Love, whose names already suggest positive connotations. Lust perfume is an infusion of jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, rose and sandalwood. The very heady fragrance starts off smelling like intense jasmine but reacts to body temperature to become a seductive floral scent. The intoxicating, crimson coloured perfume lasts for hours and hours. So cast aside your inhibitions and dare to wear this sexy, unadultered, fragrance. Love is not quite as intense as lust but equally as sweet, the perfume anyway. Making use of ingredients such as lemon, apple, cinnamon and bergamot, the fragrance has been described as romance in a bottle. The initial sharp, citrus scent of the perfume is replaced with the sweet aroma of apple pie. This rogue coloured love potion smells distinctly like my favourite designer perfume Paul Smith Rose yet costs only a fraction of the price!

Christian Dior once stated that a woman’s perfume reveals more about her than her handwriting, so here are some tips for finding your signature scent. Firstly, find something that reflects your personality; get it on your skin and go! Let the perfume develop on your skin as the scent will change and develop over time. Once you’ve found a fragrance you love buy the bottle as it will last longer, use the solid on the ends of your hair to smell great throughout the day. So what are you waiting for, get to Lush and find your signature scent today!

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