Sales Shopping = Nightmare

I absolutely love shopping, clothes are my favourite thing to buy, with homeware, food and beauty bits coming a close second.

But the one time of year I hate buying clothes is just after Christmas when all the sales are on. I know people will be thinking, but you can get all those hidden gems at a lower price but to me it makes me feel like I’m digging around some bins like an alley cat and getting the remains of what once was.

Wading through all the stuff people didn’t want at full price makes me feel like I’m wasting my money. I’ve tried to be one of those people that scours the sale and finds amazing things and brags about it to the entire world but I’m just not a savvy enough shopper. I like to get in, get what I want and get out.

Sales are stressful; they make me want to get out of clothes shops as quickly as possible, which is not like me at all. Although I have made the errors of buying something because its £1.50 reduced from £15, it is not a good enough reason to buy something. I’m getting too old to be throwing money around on stuff I don’t need.

Plus I like the freshness of what the new season has to offer when you walk into a clothes shop. I’m not a total snob when it comes to sales shopping, it just seems that everyone loses their bearings when the sales are on. If I do even contemplate sale shopping, I go through my wardrobe and make a note of what I need if I see it; I don’t like going in with no plan of action.

I needed a new duvet at the beginning of the month so I specifically stalked stores online until they revealed their sales and then I pounced. Very clever shopping in my book!

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