Sarah Palin: not stupid, just clumsy

So what if she’s a bit thick? She’s an entertainer.

A lot of people think of Sarah Palin as somewhat of a laughing stock. This is a woman who four years ago offered the promise of so much political hope and prosperity. She offered a voice for women and the common man. She stuck up for what was right. She was going to be the first female vice-president (and let’s face it, president once McCain bit the dust) of the United States of America. And then she opened her mouth…

It’s not that Goddess Palin is stupid… It’s just that she’s clumsy. Just because she thinks Alaska and Russia share a boarder does not make her any less of a human being who has feelings. And those feelings have been hurt by crude American comedians (yes Tina Fey I am looking at you). We should be building Sarah back up again to face the limelight, not crushing her spunky spirit. An America where Sarah Palin is not fully at the forefront is one we have far less ways to laugh at. And laughing at the yanks is one of our most treasured British pastimes. We wouldn’t want that to go away now would we?

The reason I like Sarah Palin so much is because she is unique. She is quite possibly one of the only humans on earth who can say anything and it can do nothing but make her look like an arse (an honour she shares, by the way, with Frankie Boyle). She even launched an attack on Michelle Obama for launching an anti-obesity campaign. This is Michelle Obama for crying out loud! She is the human equivalent of an innocent cuddly bunny rabbit! Palin just doesn’t think before speaking, and that is what I respect about her. She doesn’t bow down to your typical middle-aged-men-mainstream politics. Yes she may make politically incorrect statements and embarrass the Republicans on a day to day basis, but she certainly makes it interesting.

What Sarah Palin may lack in political knowledge, she certainly makes up for in memorable quotes. I will admit it is slightly surprising a woman who cannot name a single newspaper or magazine she is a reader of and a woman who made a show about moose hunting, made it as far to receive a vice-presidential nomination. She even considers North Korea to be America’s allies, and thinks the vice-president has the power to control the Senate. She was even “clumsy” enough to join the Tea Party… But there’s no stopping the Palin.

She’s been compared to Margaret Thatcher, a Rottweiler and has even compared HERSELF to Shakespeare. But to me, she will always be the psychopathic pageant mom who turned herself into a politician. In 2013, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Sarah Palin again. In fact I’m absolutely certain we will. For Sarah shall not rest until she has destroyed the whole of civilized America. And given the damage she did in previous years, she hasn’t got that much work left to do. I, for one, cannot wait.

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