The Knitwear Craze – Not just for your nan

Knitwear has surfaced in a big way this season. And no, I am not referring to the slumpy bleak cardigans that your grandma wore to Christmas lunch. I’m talking about the chunky knit jumpers, the statement cardigans and knitted leggings that everyone is waltzing around in. The craze has spiralled, with the main market now being teenagers and young adults.

So, why knitwear? Allow me to introduce you to the art of knitted clothing. Let me guide you through the three key elements to pulling off this cosy and brilliant trend.


The cable knit

The classic cable knit has never been more relevant. The chunky cardigans, leggings and oversized jumpers offer a classic yet chic style for any occasion. Throw a bold cable knit jumper over simple leggings to outline the statement jumper, add some biker boots or creepers for an extra edge and your good to go.



The Boyfriend Jumper

Note : No actual boyfriend is required to use this style.

Here’s one knitwear trend you cannot miss this winter. The key to an high neck boyfriend jumper is to snuggle up in these oversized knits, and to accompany it with skinny jeans or printed leggings, because no one wants to look like their dressed head to foot in a giant’s wardrobe. Go for tribal prints, slogan sweaters and pastel colours to keep up with this trend. And do not be afraid to have a browse through the men’s section to see if you fancy any of the authentic prints that they may offer.


The Snood

This mixture between a hood and a scarf first emerged on the Autumn and Winter 2009 runways of designers like Missoni and Burberry, now, its swept the nation. The snood is designed for warmth and emphasis. Wear this stylish accessory with a knitted jumper, or a tailor jacket, don’t dodge the bright colours just because its winter, choose bright colours to lighten up the outfit and to focus more attention on the textures of your jacket, jumper and trouser wear.



There you go, these knitwear looks should offer a simple and sophisticated style for the perfect winter trend. Try these pieces out whilst following my tips , I have found that the best websites for knitwear this season (affordable and fashionable of course) are boohoo, new look and asos. So have a scroll through these sites and your ready to go.

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