Five Worst Celebrities of the Week

Love them or loath them celebrities are an interesting topic, especially when they’re reminding the public that despite how amazing their lives are they too have their bad days. Here are the five worst celebrities of the week:

5.  Beyonce. She is practically the devil this week,after being accused of lip-syncing, as although it is only a claim, lip-syncing is just simply not on, especially at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. No one in the world’s history has ever had the audacity to lip-sync, not Queen, not Madonna and especially not Britney Spears, so unfortunately Beyonce is going to have to go from the well respected hard working singer and business woman to the fraud she really is. Or not. Fact is, whether or not Beyonce did lip-sync everyone knows she is more than capable of delivering a world class live performance and stunning vocals, it seems to me that people are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

4. Katie Price. Really she should possibly take top spot after getting married to her third husband last week. However, does anyone really care enough about Katie Price anymore to award her that privilege? Probably not. Despite having millions in the bank it seems she still thrives of shocking the British public, doing pretty much anything to get media attention, including marrying someone after knowing them for just a few months. Someone needs to advise her to retire quietly.

3. Kim Kardashian. Ok, Kim Kardashian hasn’t really done anything that bad this week, apart from still laughing with her mum, Kris Jenner, about their latest business venture paying off- getting pregnant with a multi-millionaire’s (Kanye West) baby. Yay. However, in the US the latest season of their reality show has been aired and anyone that stalks the Kardashians will know that Kim’s kitten, Mercy, recently died after contracting ‘a fatal virus’. The first episode of the new season sees the kitten being left in a sink by Kim’s three-year-old nephew Mason, taken out for a stroll in Miami (meaning it would have been surrounded by photographers) as well as nearly ending up in a nightclub. Lets just say if that cat was a human the noted death cause would probably be ‘suspicious circumstances’.

2. Eden Hazard Now I don’t know much about football but what I do know is Chelsea football club is home to cheaters, hi Ashley, and racists, hi John. So realistically whether Eden Hazard did actually kick the sh*t out of a ball-boy, or whether he was just trying to retrieve the ball is irrelevant, he still plays for Chelsea. Just kidding. The FA will review the incident that took place on Wednesday night in the semi-finals of the Capital One Cup, which saw Chelsea beaten by Swansea and a ball-boy beaten by Hazard. I’m pretty sure the FA will conclude that Hazard was just trying to retrieve the ball, after all which idiot would assault someone on live TV….. oh wait, probably a footballer.

1. Rihanna. Rihanna doesn’t have to do anything to be worst celebrity of the week, she will automatically always take the spot. Apart from being a huge hypocrite and rubbish role model her Chris Brown obsession is beginning to become highly worrying. It’s practically a given that she has a basement full of Chris Brown memorabilia, including pictures, dolls and even hair, whilst Brown is still switching between Rihanna and ex Karrueche Tran whenever he fancies. Then again who can blame him, if these girls are willing to act like doormats then he may as well treat them that way.


So there you have the worst celebs of the week, I’m sure Rihanna will be thrilled at landing another number one!

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