Saw 6 – nearing the end of the twisted Saw phenomenon

The sixth instalment of the Saw franchise sees William Easton (Peter Outerbridge), head of insurance company Umbrella Health, become the latest of Jigsaw’s targets, as he makes his way through a series of tests that put the theory of his life insurance policy into practice. He has become the chosen student for this film as he believes that only the people in a prime position of health are worthy of coverage, whilst those who truly need help are left to fend for themselves.

In this film, John Kramer (aka the Jigsaw killer, played fantastically as per usual by Tobin Bell) is described as a ‘conundrum of carnage’. From watching the rest of the franchise, you can see that this is not only an accurate representation of John, but also an accurate representation of the film itself.

Faithful fans of Saw will not be disappointed, as the traps become more grisly and disgusting, as well as being so far-fetched, that you’re convinced the production team are due for psychological evaluation. Mix this with flashbacks galore and a tense and emotional ending and it gives the loyal enthusiast everything they could possibly want.

But for the sinners out there, who maybe haven’t followed the programme to the letter, the film sheds light on the fact that the series has been exhausted to within an inch of its life. The plot has become considerably thinner, with so many characters now being associated with John’s life that it becomes hard to keep up. As well as this, the traps have become so demented that you find yourself wondering exactly how many ways there are in the world to kill someone.

All in all, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures give the die-hard fans a treat, but leaves everyone else hoping that sooner or later, they will get things over with and pull the proverbial plug.

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