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Each year there is an abundance of festivals in the UK appealing to everyone’s music taste’s whether it be metal, dance, folk, rock or hip hop, there is certainly a great choice of festivals to attend in this country. However are you the type of person that can’t decide whether to spend your hard earned cash on a holiday or a festival? well fear not there is an answer, as you can find brilliant festivals in great holiday destinations. Here are a few great festivals around Europe that will satisfy your holiday and festival needs.


1.)    Benicassim

Location: Costa Del Azhar, Spain

Date: July 18th- July 21st

Headliners: The Killers, Artic Monkeys, Queens of the Stoneage

This festival is set during the height of the Spanish summer with temperatures reaching a high of 36-40’C so is perfect for those looking to top up your tan. It is also located on a beach, so the sea is literally right next to you. Multi passes means you can camp for a maximum of 9 days (which is a good amount of days for any holiday) this means during the days in which there is no music-this gives you the chance to explore the local area and enjoy a short holiday. Then when the music starts you have all the excitement of a normal festival. A full weekend ticket cost £155, with return flights from Valencia costing £89 return. Which would probably save you money, If you were to go on a normal holiday.


2.)    Exit Festival

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Date: July 10th- July 14th

Headliners: Yet to be announced

Firstly what makes this festival instantly cool is the fact that it is located in a huge fortress and unlike most British festivals it has 4 days of music. This festival takes place in the former soviet satellite state of Serbia, which has been running now for 8 years. The line-ups have always been known for being really varied, with music from rock, metal, pop and dance all combined to make one huge festival. Also alcohol is stupidly cheap with a pint of beer costing you like 20p.

The festival has full weekend camping which means you can camp for 7 days, which also includes entry to each day for the music. This festival will cost you £85 for the whole weekend and camping, which is a bargain; this also includes free coaches that are put on by the festival which run to the nearest airport of Belgrade. Flights will cost you about another £85 return as well, costing you a grand total of £170 for the whole festival experience, which is totally worth it.


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