How to Pull off this Season’s Lipsticks, Rimmel London Style

Scarfs, hats, gloves,boots, wellies, red noses and freezing feet. Winter doesn’t appear to be the most glamorous of all the seasons. However, Rimmel have something to offer; affordable,elegant and long lasting lipwear. The high street cosmetics brand have expanded their lipstick range, adding colours to brighten up your cosy wardrobe. Brit Supermodel royalty Kate Moss released her personal range within the Rimmel lipwear brand, her sleek and colourful range offers a versatile palette of perfect winter shades. Not only does the brand give an innovative take on lipwear, but the colours they have are rich and wholesome, and remain looking plump with a matte finish, which alot of brands fail to achieve.



This unique colour is essential for the winter season. Ideal to give a bold edge to any evening outfit, the key to a plum colour is not to overdo it, accompany the shade with a simple outfit and neutral makeup, so not to look too OTT. Just for a heads up, fake tan does not go well this colour, so be sure to leave off the oopma loopa trend when wearing a plum lipstick.

Rimmel Plum Shades :

Lasting Finish Starry Eyed – £4.99 RRP

Moisture Renew Burgandy Delight – £6.29 RRP

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate moss 111 -£5.49 RRP

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate moss 107 -£5.49 RRP



The powerful red lipstick is hard to pull off.  The way to wear this maximised, radiant colour it is to keep it refined, use a smooth lipliner to give your lips a wholesome shape,  always wear a rosy blusher with your lippy for a winter glow ( I recommend Coralista blusher by Benefit Cosmetics). In regards to hair styles,  a messy bun or ponytail always looks sophisticated with this colour. Black clothing is the ultimate trend for this winter, so to glam it up, the red lipstick will go brilliantly  with a dark outfit. Red lips mean subtle eyes, avoid wearing bold lips with an equally bright or smokey eye. Neutral eyeshows look simple and effortless, so go for light colours for your eyes. This look is not a look you want to mess up, so take your time when applying this shade, try to apply the red as steadily  as possible.

Moisture Renew Diva Red – £6.29 RRP

Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 01 –  £5.49 RRP

Lasting Finish Alarm – £4.99 RRP



Stay fresh with a nude look this winter. Rimmel has several shades of this colour, with Kate’s sub-brand offering a light nude moisturizing and hydrating lipstick. A nude lipliner is vital to pull of this style to align the colour with your lips, whilst keeping your lips looking plump and sexy. Try applying thick layer of gloss on top of the lipstick to give a vinyl touch, this can give a shimmer to your lips as often the colour can wash you out or look too plain. Long thick lashes go hand in hand with this shade, so while you’re in the Rimmel isle, pick up one of their super useful and affordable mascaras.

Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 03 – £.5.49 RRP

Lasting Finish Undressed – £4.99 RRP

Lasting Finish Nude Pink – £4.99 RRP

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss 113 – £5.49 RRP

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