Is it just me, or is the film Ted really rubbish?

Now, I may be really behind the rest of you but, I recently watched Ted for the first time since it’s release and it was nothing but a let down! What was the fuss about?

The idea of a life sized bear talking, smoking pot and cracking jokes makes my skin crawl. Even worse, this bear, named Ted (of course!) is sprung to life when Mark Wahlberg’s character wished his cuddly toy would come to life when he was a child.

Seth McFarlane, creator of the gem that is Family Guy, wrote, directed and starred in Ted. Three things he shouldn’t have, no really he shouldn’t have. The film is full of bad, recycled jokes that we have heard in Family Guy countless times. The repetitive gay jokes are not only distasteful but booooooring. At one point in the film, Ted even says: “Hey, I don’t sound like Peter Griffin!” No, not funny, at all. McFarlane could have at least tried to change Ted’s voice, he does just sound like every character from Family Guy merged together.

Wahlberg’s character is so typical of the lazy stoner type that it’s boring; not a patch on Seth Rogan’s hilarious portrayal of Ben in Knocked Up. Ted is in the limelight for the whole film and just leaves the audience twiddling their fingers over and over again just waiting for the next joke. Poor Mila Kunis, a hilarious and beautiful woman, deserved a much better role in this shambles but unfortunately was left just playing the typical ‘girly girl’ girlfriend of Wahlberg.

Of course, the bear gets in the way of their relationship and the film takes an emotional turn at the end. I think the conclusion of the film is probably the worst bit; it tries to be so serious but fails and ends up being plain embarrassing.

How this film has managed to land itself a 7.2 on IMDB is beyond me. On paper this film has so much potential and with what should seem like an impressive cast, Ted is a real let down… Or is it just me?

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