This Valentine’s Day ask yourself- will your relationship stand the test of time?

Three Tips on creating a foundation for a good relationship

1.  Do you share a common interest? (do you like the same things) i.e. sports, art, music, science, cooking. Let’s face it, after you’ve gone and gotten married, had kids the only thing that will bring you together is sharing a common interest. If you don’t like doing the same things now, end it. It won’t get better. And, people don’t generally change.

2.  Are you friends? (can you talk about anything, is he/she easy to talk to, can you approach your boyfriend/girlfriend with ease) It is very important to have that friendship foundation because after the lust sizzles out you’ll need to talk about how to get the spark back.  Being friends is so important in a dating relationship because it creates a basic element of respect. If you’re rude to your friends, they won’t want to be your friends anymore. The same goes for relationships. If you’re an arse to your boyfriend or girlfriend the relationship more than likely will end.

3.  Do you make each other laugh? When times get tricky or when life gets stressful do you laugh about it? A good sense of humour is important in a relationship. After all, in a culture where people’s moods are effected by the weather we wouldn’t want our sex lives to play a part in that.

So, when you and your date are gazing over your expensive, fixed prix, Valentine’s meal ask yourself this- will your relationship stand the test of time?

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