Let’s go NUTS!

If energetic, raw music and gigs dressed as the three wise men is your thing, then you need to be on the look out for these four Nuts. Best friends Tom HarfieldSimon Keet, Jack Munnelly and Simon Stewart, or as most people know them, The Nuts, started making music together back in early 2012 and have gone on to perform all around the country. From their local, slightly-rough-around-the-edges pub, fondly known as The Crown, to Brixton Jamm in London, these four guys have definitely been busy. With their first EP ‘Angelina Jolie’  now available to purchase from iTunes, I wanted to speak to the guys to see what lies behind their ever-growing popular Nutty image.


So guys, first things first, just how did you come up with the bands name?

SK: I work in a shop that sells health food, nuts and prunes, that sort of thing. Whilst stacking the shelves one day I looked at a bag of brazils and thought how much I would love to say “We are The Nuts” on stage. After a band text and chat, they all agreed and now I get to say it a few times every week.


Do you all come from musical backgrounds?

SK: My brother is a bit of a virtuosi, he can play violin and clarinet, and can sing very well. Me being the ‘second kid’ obviously had to learn an instrument and follow in his footsteps. So I learnt the guitar, which is now proven useful with writing songs. I only sing because I need to, I’m definitely not a proper singer.

SS: Music has always been in my family, my Dad has been in bands since before I was born.

JM: I don’t at all, no musical genes as far as I know!

TH: Well we’ve all had friends or family who have helped us either play or be engaged enough in music to want to learn an instrument. As far as I’m aware though, the only musical gene is Simon Stewart’s Dad who plays drums.


What about jobs, do you work or has the band become your main priority?

SK: The Nuts is my calling, I don’t want to work in a shop for the rest of my life.

SS: I teach music but the band is always a big priority because we all work so well together.

JM: Work and the band are totally different things for me. It started off as just a laugh for a one off event but now it has become more. I think we’ve quickly become more professional, watching other bands for what and what not to do and I think we take it more seriously now but also keep it as a laugh. Obviously work is important but so is enjoying what you do and I prioritise good times!

TH: We all do pretty mundane jobs really, apart from Jack. If only we could write a hit…


How would you describe your music style to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?

TH: An energetic, edgy, raw guitar/rock sound with a strong rhythmic background of drums and bass topped with addictive riffs and swirls of vocal harmonies.

SK: Songs about sex.


Do you get a lot of support from your friends and family?

SK: Yeah we do, we love the fact we have our loyal band Mums. Our friends come to watch us and support us too, it’s great.

SS: We are very grateful for it.

JK: Our families support everything we do. They are at most of our gigs and always provide good constructive criticism when we need it.

TH: Yeah, don’t know where we would be without them. Not only do they come to pretty much every gig but also get our gear there a lot of the time too, but that’s what they’re for isn’t it?

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