Entourage The Movie Gets Go-Ahead

Ari Gold. Arrogant? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. Vulgar? You bet ya. Offensive? Most definitely. Yet despite Mr. Gold coming across as a nasty piece of work, I still want to be him!

Now, this may say more about me than anything else, but it also highlights the genius and ingenuity of Entourage writer Doug Ellin, who is now at it again to produce the long awaited and much talked about Entourage movie.

If you don’t know about Entourage then you need to know about Entourage. Unlike certain other clubs, everyone talks about Entourage club.

The eight season comedy-drama series was originally aired on renowned American TV station, HBO, and has proved to be one of its biggest hits to date.

The show is loosely based on the executive producers life, Mark Wahlberg, who along with his buddies, faces the daily trials and tribulations of the glamour Hollywood lifestyle as he attempts to make a name for himself in the world of acting. From drug fuelled s*x with p*rnstars to fighting with famous rappers. This show just about has it all.

Adrian Grenier plays the actor and playboy, Vincent Chase, who is the main man of the crew. He is superbly supported by Kevin Connolly who plays Eric Murphy, Vince’s go to man and the levelheaded one. Jerry Ferrara plays Turtle, Vince’s friend from back in the day and aspiring entrepreneur, with Kevin Dillon playing the hilarious Jonny Chase/Drama who is Vince’s brother but also a washed up actor looking for stardom once more. Last but not least is the marvellous Jeremy Piven who won three Emmys and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Vince’s brash Hollywood agent, Ari Gold.

Wahlberg uses his contact book well throughout the series with a sprinkling of performances from some of the biggest stars in the celebrity world.

Warner Brother Studios have recently given Entourage The Movie the green light and Ellin, who has been confirmed as director, is hoping to get his entire original cast on board. Deals are starting to be made with some of the aforementioned names.

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