The Walking Dead’s Season 3 Return

The Walking Dead finally returned after ten frustrating weeks without a release for our zombie killing needs – and according to this spoiler free review, it has not disappointed!

As you all may remember, AMC’s The Walking Dead began those few seasons ago with a bang and exploded onto the scene as one of the best shows on television. The second season then failed to live up to expectations but the show still grew and came back last October ready for another go as one of the leading American serials.

In case you missed out on the end of season 3 part one (although if you’re reading this you definitely shouldn’t have), Rick went a bit crazy, seeing his dead best friend and (my personal favorite character) Shane. Daryl and Merle are pitted against each other to the death by the Governor and Walkers are everywhere.

Following the mid-season break, you’d expect a flashback or a summary of the previous episode (Made to Suffer). But under, soon to leave, show runner Glen Mazzara, The Suicide King skips all that boring nonsense and jumps straight back into the scene where the show left off. Guns firing, Walkers, the Governor’s eye bandage, its all there right from the off and the action doesn’t let up for the majority of the episode.

Unlike most of the second season, this episode’s “non-walker-related” arguments actually made sense. Usually you’re made to forget that there is a zombie apocalypse turning the world into mindless, flesh eating corpses but everything seemed to run smoothly and you can really get into the debates troubles the characters are having.

What this season does better than others, and in some cases better than most shows, is it makes you pick sides. Do you side with the usual Rick or do you become part of the Governor’s Woodberry? Are you team Daryl or team Merle? Who’s got the best weapon Carl and his silenced revolver or Michonne and her samurai sword? … You get the idea. All episode you are confronted by a choice and then are made to trust the choices the characters make even if you disagree.

Season 3 has been truly epic and the show’s return has been phenomenal. There is nothing like it on television, no other horror series can combines this much drama, action and character development into a zombie apocalyptic world.

Let’s hope that the rest of the show can be as heart stopping and mind-blowing as Michonne’s Katana.

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