“I am not lazy – I am just on energy saving mode”

I am a self-confessed lazy person; which is odd because I want to see the world. If I could see it all from my bed, then that would be brilliant, but alas I can’t.

You see, when I was younger, I danced every school night (and nearer show time, the weekend too) for the minimum of 4 hours. I would also do a morning club or an after-school club everyday, and I always wake up raring to go.

This all changed when I started going to college. I took my A level dance a year early, and the rehearsals were brutual. I wanted to just hang with my friends, but instead, I was either in the dance studio, or working in a shoe shop.

University made it ten times worse. If I didn’t have to get up, I will still be in bed past midday. I wouldn’t cook dinner, I would just shove something in the micro or buy something ready made (sad, but true). The only time I had any energy was for a night out (convenient?)

If you can ask my friends, my family or the best of all, my boyfriend how lazy I am, they would agree that I am incredibly lazy. I ask my boyfriend to just “go and get me a drink” or text my mum to bring me up some milk as I am already snuggled up in bed. At uni, I was usually the one who got up the latest. I would say I was the laziest but I think I have one friend who outshines me (I won’t name and shame).

My new years resolutions or promises was to do with my general health. I use to have abs of steel, toned everything and a slim figure due to dancing. Now, I am not saying I am obese. I am a happy size 8-10. But I got flabby bits where I don’t want them, my abs have disappeared, and just like anyone, you have your desired body. I still want the womanly curves, just with a flat stomach and toned everything, (I can dream right?)

Anyway, next year I am skedaddling out of the gloomy UK to go to the sunnier place that is Australia. I will be doing what I want to do, what I want to see etc and so forth, so yes, I am going to be selfish. So this year, I made a promise that I will do my bit to give back. I gave blood, (which is another story; I don’t think I am wanted back), and found out I have THE rarest blood group, (AB negative if anyone is interested), which only 1% of the country have. Knowing that I have helped someone else who might need this blood, who has little hope seeing as not many people match, is a nice thing.

Then a week later, I heard a plea from my local radio station Heart FM (Essex) that one of the morning presenters is running the Race for Life and wanted a group of 50 others to join her. If we all raise just £50, between us we will raise £3,500 for Breast Cancer. I joined up even though I can’t run, thinking I wouldn’t get picked. The thing is, I did get picked. So what better incentive to get fit than this? I don’t want to be the one who is at the back of the group, I want to be up there and get a good time. When I accept a challenge, I like to rip it a new one.

Last week, I finally joined the gym, and I have started my training. To most of you, this probably isn’t a huge deal, 5km is a walk in the park no? The thing is, I can’t even run half a mile without feeling like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. I have asthma, and I am anaemic so I guess I can blame some of my laziness on my dodgy bod. I am training to hopefully raise mroe than the £50 that’s required, and hopefully it will have health benefits, maybe make me feel more awake, make me feel fitter, and also if I can go from zero to kinda a hero, then what is stopping me to keep doing charity runs to raise money and awareness for good causes? Plus, if I can get a good body out of it, then that’s a double whammy.

This wasn’t originally a post asking for donations, as it is about me being lazy, but this won’t hurt right? If you have any money spare, you can donate online on my page: – It isn’t till July 7th, so I have time to get fit 🙂

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