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If it isn’t obvious by now, yes, I am a YouTube Fanatic! Whether it’s music, comedy, lifestyle, opinion or reality based, I’ll watch it! YouTube is the biggest media platform in which you can express yourself on to a global audience! Welcome to my new weekly segment which will cover a new YouTube partner/performer every week.

This week I’ll be introducing you to a YouTube reality show that goes by the name of K-Town. This programme is set in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and follows the lives of eight Asian-Americans (with one cast member change in season two); and their daily lives in Koreatown. It has been dubbed as the “Asian Jersey Shore”; minus the mindless people. The cast of K-Town are far from mindless, and prior to the show have been successful due to their own hard work. Each character breaks the mould, and obliterates the “Asian stereotype”. You won’t find a martial artist or a mathematician here! Expect lots of partying, drinking, drama, heated arguments and scraps! This is the reality show that no TV network could show you!


 “This group is freaking hopeless. We are so dysfunctional; we can never get along…”


-Young Lee

The show’s executive producer is none other than R’n’B singing sensation Tyrese! This has star quality written all over it!

Underneath the drinking and partying are down to earth, regular people, with real dreams, who go through everyday situations and problems. These guys are foodies; as well clubs/bars, you find out about the best restaurants to eat at, in Koreatown. Throughout both seasons a few Korean words and phrases are said, and an explanation is given to the viewer. I have read a few comments on the internet that bad mouth the cast; they are referred to as “white-washed Asians” who are “an embarrassment to the Asian community.” Personally, I think that they are more westernised. Shouldn’t they be? They do live in America! I think the comments made against them are complete and utter nonsense; as I feel that I have learnt a few things about their culture just by watching them.


So far there are two seasons; season 1 focuses on the gang introducing Scarlet to Koreatown, and also the preparation of a club night at the famous Belasco, in downtown L.A. But of course there is a clash of personalities, and the addition of intoxication that makes it a tad more interesting!

Season 2 has all the drama, sub-stories, partying and alcohol, with the addition of the planning of a wedding- in five days. This season gives the viewer a closer look into the personal sides of the cast, but only briefly; this personally keeps me more interested. . I can’t say anymore without giving too much away.


Jasmine – “The Jokester”

Jasmine is a successful hair stylist, trained hard and previously worked for a top Los Angeles salon. She is now a successful freelancer, and recently did hair for the Oscars. She’s sassy and has a unique style when it comes to her own fashion and hair. She knows how to have a good time, and is always the peacekeeper.


Scarlet- “The Troublemaker”

Scarlet is the non-Korean of the group (Chinese); she’s feisty, energetic and has a mouth on her that sometimes gets her into trouble! I think she’s hilarious, as she always says what is on her mind; especially when it comes to Jowe. She isn’t too fond of him, and had a bust up with him in season one- this is something you definitely need to see!


Violet- The Drama Queen

Violet comes from a Middle Class background, and has high standards when it comes to life and her personal appearance. She dresses well, whether it’s casual or sophisticated; she is a single Mum, works and studies all at the same time. Violet has a history with Jowe, and even though they’ve broken up she still has a soft spot for him (Season 1). Thank goodness she moves on from him in the next season!


Jowe- “The Heartbreaker”

Jowe has labelled himself as “The Prince of K-Town”, whether he likes to admit it or not! He’s tall, handsome and loves the ladies. From his outside appearance he seems successful, is very cocky and had a similar upbringing as Violet. Scarlet and Jowe have this “love to hate” each other thing going on in season 1, which makes Jowe seem like a douche! But in the next season, you see a softer, more caring side to him.


Cammy – The Sweetheart

Cammy is softly spoken, and isn’t one to fight. She and Steve have a close friendship; and although she seems timid, she seems to be a heavy drinker! She does not return to season 2 for unknown reasons, and is replaced by Jasmine’s older sister Christine.


Joe- The Bad-ass

Joe is an events manager and club promoter, and more recently has established “Joe Cha Fitness”. He is called “Oppa” which is a Korean term of respect; females use it when addressing older male friends. He takes charge, and can sometimes be deemed as a control freak; although Joe means well, he can sometimes get heated and that’s how arguments start. Joe just wants things done in a certain way; he is a perfectionist and doesn’t mean to offend! This hard nut is cracked in season 2! Watch out for his emotive side!


Steve- The Party Animal

Steve loves to party and have a good time; alcohol is his aid in this, but also his down fall. He gets very heated when drunk, and somewhat of an annoyance to others. He doesn’t mean it! I love Steve, and feel that he is misunderstood, he just wants everybody to talk things through- when they’re steaming drunk… This isn’t the best idea. I feel that he has some personal issues, just due to things he talks about in season 2. There’s no way you can hate this guy, watch out for his snazzy dance moves!


Christine- The Newbie

Christine is a successful event and wedding planner; she appears in season 2, to help plan Young’s wedding. She and Steve have a brief romantic encounter, and this fuses a small conflict between Steve and Jasmine; Jasmine is very protective of her older sister. There’s not much to say about Christine as she is relatively new.


Young- The Entertainer

Young is the “Konguru” of the group. This term means a fresh-off-the-boat Korean. Young is sensitive and is never involved in any drama. You’ll find him quietly sitting back and observing while everything kicks off. His dream is to be a dancer/entertainer; he then has to decide between his dream and his wife “So Young”; as her mother does not think his dream can support her daughter.

So there you have it! My brief roundup of the web series doesn’t go into enough detail to let you know how amazing it is! I wish I could say more, but you’ll just have to watch it. If I went into too much detail, you wouldn’t need to watch it, and we’d be here all day! The K-Town phenomenon is just beginning! I believe bigger and better things are to come. Asians are not as active within the media, and this show is definitely a good stepping stone!


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