Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran?

Taylor Swift is clever. She writes songs about boys, and doesn’t tell us who they’re actually about. Leaving the nation to guess is probably the most intelligent thing she could do. This is what she wants us to do, and it works.

When the press slate Taylor for going out with another famous face or writing a song about love, they really are falling into her trap. I am one of Taylor’s biggest fans, I’ve loved her since she was 15 singing a little song about a boy not noticing how much she loves him and how hard life can be. Taylor is in fact a very talented young lady – so why slate her so much?

She doesn’t strip to practically nothing in her music videos, she doesn’t get photographed falling out of a nightclub at 3am; she actually keeps a very low profile. Most of the time, if you follow Taylor on Twitter, you will see she has spent a Saturday night at home with her cat, baking cookies. If anything Taylor is a fantastic role model to young girls.

So why does everyone make her out to be so bad?

My friend posted a Youtube video on my Facebook profile the other week of a young Irish girl f’ing and blinding about how much she hates Taylor – if you haven’t seen it already check it out, it’s scary and funny at the same time – I am actually petrified of this girl now. But it did make me think, what is all the fuss about?

Most of the time celebrities are papped together for publicity – they know how it works. They pose with another A-lister, we all believe it, and then they cash in. It’s genius really.

Taylor was recently linked to Harry Styles, and suddenly her recent single ‘I knew you were trouble’ was about him. The song would have been written months ago, and to be honest who really cares who it’s about?

Now, Miss Swift has been allegedly hooking up with Ed Sheeran, to me this is a match made in heaven. I love the two of them.  It’s most likely untrue but I’m sure Taylor’s next hit will be linked to their ‘relationship’.

For a singer who writes her own songs, dresses modestly and never comments on her relationships it’s surprising how this can be more of a scandal than Rihanna and Chris Brown’s sex tape going viral. Such a role model ’tis Ri Ri.

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