Designer Slogan Tee’s

Flicking through a mag recently, I came across a double-page covered in celebs wearing over-sized sweatshirts and basic t-shirts. However, blazoned across these sweats and t-shirts were witty ‘play on words’ of popular luxe designer brands. ‘Spoof’ clothing, even.

Slogans were everywhere last autumn/winter, so it was only time before some spring/summer equivalents came into the equation. And only time before designer names were used for the slogans.

The feature in the mag was interesting, but still hadn’t persuaded me. Firstly, I’m not a big fan of slogan tops in general, and secondly, I thought (and still think, but in a good way) they were tacky. However, some of the celebs ensembles put together  including designer parody items looked good.

Anyway, I did some research online and was still sceptical. It wasn’t til a few weeks later when I came across a load of them whilst  in Urban Outfitters that they really caught my eye, so I purchased a ‘Celine Dion’ (you know, a play on fashion brand Celine and singer Celine Dion, don’tcha know) t-shirt, as seen in the image above.

But Celine is not the only brand to feel the wrath; Balenciaga, Chanel, Hermes and Givenchy are some of the few I’ve seen.

I have to say so far it has been dressed up and down quite successfully. It works well in the day with coloured/patterned jeans or with plain leggings and works well at night with a skater skirt or high-waisted shorts paired with high heels. I’ve definitely got more wear out of it than I thought.

Although, a low point for designer slogan items  is that not everyone will ‘get it’. My mum and a few friends have asked ‘When did you become such a big Celine Dion fan that you needed a t-shirt with her name on?’.

(Most styles are available at Urban Outfitters but a wider variety of Designer Slogan Tee’s are sold online on independent websites)

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