Portrayals are ever changing!

Just when we thought the comparison of younger and older celebs were bad, The Sunday Times have taken similarities to a whole different level. Elegance, poise, admiration, and an iconic figure to billions, compared with sexy, sassy, marijuana-smoking, tattooed-up solo singer.

This cover published by the largest-selling British national ‘quality’ Sunday newspaper, on February 17, 2013, surprised millions of fans that shared many of their views on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Many were quite furious at the comparison of a superstar diva to an elegant princess and were very strong on their views.

“The way some news is presented nowadays in a joke, it’s as if they’re allowed to publish literally anything they want.” Says anonymous tweeter.

Robin Rihanna Fenty (known as just Rihanna) is a recording artist, who has bagged over 7 Grammy awards, as well recently launching her line in UK based retail store River Island.

“To describe Princess Diana would be to describe the most loveliest kind of lady, who had billions on admirers worldwide, not fans that would imitate gun tattoos across their rib cage like Ri.” Says fashion blogger Tim Yuni.

Are we allowed to display and publish such media? If not, then who is to blame?

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