The Problem With The Stripe Trend

On my most recent browse through the high street stores I found myself warped into the world of stripy fashion. They were everywhere, tees, tops, trousers,blazers, it seems that high street fashion has caught stripe fever. But something tells me the stores aren’t going out of stock for a reason…

The style in my view, is too difficult to pull off, colour blocking is almost impossible with stripes as the colours prove to clash easily, leaving the only colours able to compliment stripes being white and black. As well as being a tedious trend, stripes are not flattering, the only way to wear a striped top is to wear it baggy , as the tight pieces appear extremely unflattering.

Striped trousers or leggings only work best when tight. Baggy striped trousers look tired and old fashioned, and have proven to make you look larger due to the complexity of the detail in the size of the stripes and how they can overtake the shape of the piece of clothing.

Although we all know that the 60s, 70s fashion pieces have returned in our high street stocklists today, this particular trend seems to be disappointing the British Public. This may be my opinionated take on the trend, so take a look for yourselves  and I’d love to hear your feedback on the stripy style.

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