Do you dance like nobody’s watching?

For generations we have held hands, stood side by side and headed in the same direction together… well not always but I’m not referring to times of trouble, loss or sadness even though you would be right in thinking that’s what I’m going on about… I usually do. No, I am in fact talking about something that sends us into a state of euphoria and brings a sense of fun; ‘The Dance Craze’!  I can’t think of a decade where we didn’t have a foot stomping, laugh out loud when you go the wrong way dance routine that everyone thinks they can do perfectly… bless!

The most recent of these is the ‘Harlem Shake’ and the reason it’s so popular is because you can make up the moves as you go along, really let your hair down, be as ridiculous as you want to be and it all be very acceptable. A great way of expressing a side of you that no one thought you had and there is a different side to everyone; when you burst that bubble called your inhibitions it can be the most liberating experience that you will want to have again and again. No one wants to dance alone do they? The Dance Craze means you don’t have to.

All cultures have a Dance Craze that they pride themselves on from all corners of the globe there is a routine that has been choreographed to show the world how they role!  The Parisian Can-can, high kicks and girls lifting up their skirts without their mothers running across the dance floor to pull those frills back down again. The late Michael Jackson gave us Thriller and the Moonwalk, who hasn’t tried both and looked like one of the zombies in the Thriller video? Even your dad has had a go, embarrassing.

The great thing about trying is that no one cares if you look like a chicken laying and egg or you don’t know your left from your right (that’s me) it’s all about being social. Time to get together and stand next to someone you have never even spoken to before but have the ability to laugh with and at each other knowing that there will not be a confrontation avoiding the standard fight at a wedding or disco.  New friends, old friends, sisters, brothers, your granny and granddad all squashed on the dance floor; ‘Heyyy Macarena!’

Thank goodness the Dance Craze is something that will never go out of fashion! Your moves may not be the coolest but no one looks down on you; the dance floor is the one place where snobbery is not allowed and it can leave before the final song of the night is played.  So if you want to ‘Work Your Body’ (girls be thinking they’re Byonce) Do the ‘Soulja Boy’ (boys be thinking they’re Super Man) or get your pole out for a ‘Limbo Dance’ (everyone thinking they can bend over backwards) do it!  Join the social movement that is ‘The Dance Craze’ together we can dance!!!

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