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If you are a keen fashion follower you may be aware of the new high street store just opened in Regent Street last Friday and online to its fans on Thursday.

Owned by H&M this new store sure knows how to give its customer what they need. Slightly different to other high street stores, ‘& Other Stories’ offers its customer a wide range of accessory and beauty products. From sunglasses to lingerie, handbags and shoes, this store has it all. If you also fancy buying clothes ‘& Other Stories’ also have produced a capsule wardrobe. Rather than being a predominately clothing focused store, their aim is to make accessories for its customer to style themselves. This gives them such an edge over other high street stores, many-a-time I have walked down the high street and spotted someone wearing what I am wearing. A fashion no-no.

By being an accessories based chain they are letting their customers mix it up and style themselves almost letting them create their own unique look. The head of ‘& Other Stories’ has explained his reasoning behind their new brand; “This brand is for women interested in fashion and want to develop a personal style, a total look-their own story.”

Unfortunately it is priced slightly higher than you would expect, prices range from £5-£195, but you will receive a quality product on par with their other brand COS.

So if you are struggling to find some accessories to match your new outfit, have a look at the new go-to guy for all your fashion accessory needs.

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