Facebook – The Parent Problem

Good news- you have a friend request, bad news- it’s from your dad. Now the tricky part, to accept or not accept? Both could have fatal consequences!

You see, for me this is easy. If someone adds me as a friend on Facebook I simply think ‘am I OK with this person seeing and knowing everything I get up to on a daily basis?’. If it’s a no, then I kindly decline- which by the way, MORE PEOPLE SHOULD DO! I mean, I get the idea… your kids are off to uni, they never answer their phone, so perhaps stalking them on Facebook is the only way to make sure they’re still actually alive. I just can’t help but think this has gone a little too far and is quite frankly, unnecessary.

It is obviously your own choice as to whether you want your family, extended family, family friends etc. accessing your drunken (and for girls, probably slutty) photos, but have you thought about how this implements  your own friends?! For example, I do my very best to appear the perfect role model when I visit my friends houses so that when I leave their parents no doubt say, “Ah, that Fran. She’s a lovely girl isn’t she, you should try to be more like her!” However, moments later whilst flicking through your photos from the night before, they spot said role model dancing on tables and sticking her middle fingers up to the camera wherever possible. The dream is over, role model no more.

Now… I didn’t choose to be friends with your mum and dad on Facebook, you did. And because of you- they now probably think I’m a drunken irresponsible fool, how unfair’s that! Surely it should be my choice who I let in on my tequila-induced weekends?

As my invasion of privacy moan draws to and end, there’s probably hundreds of mums and dads stalking their offspring online and accidentally replying to posts on their own statuses. It seems there is nothing I can do about this growing trend but sit back and thank GOD my parents aren’t at all interested in social networking sites.

If you agree with me on this matter, you will particular enjoy, a hilarious look at why our mum’s generation shouldn’t try and keep up with ours.

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