Is it skirt weather yet?

I’m not even overreacting; this weather is doing my head in. I live in the North West so I haven’t been getting the brunt of the snow like London and Scotland have but it has been abnormally cold for March. The shops have beautifully spring pieces strewn about with glorious summer tea dresses ready and waiting for the sun to show its shiny head so wtf do you wear in-between?

At the moment I’m not happy at all with this weather, I’m one of those people that has constant cold hands and feet and my ugg boots might as well of been glued to my feet since November (I know fashion crime). I was on the hunt for spring/summer clothes but I’ve stocking up on winter cardigans and jumpers instead.

When it’s cold layers are your best friend, I’ve started wearing a cardigan as well as a jacket over a t shirt. It lightens the load when you go inside and the heating is cranked to full. You get a right sweat on so if you’ve got a few layers on you can take the desired amount off.

No matter how many times I lust over a pair of boots and I get told I don’t need any more; I always see boots as an investment piece. Let’s face it buying a £90 pair of sandals for a 2 week holiday isn’t getting your cost per wear but looking at the weather forecast for Britain you can plainly see you’ll be hiding your feet away to get cosy.

It sounds daft as I see leather as such a cold and hard material but it’s added in with the layering tip. A leather jacket over a cardigan can soon create a bit of warmth, as it isn’t a very breathable material. The structure of a jacket shows off your shape as well which is the problem with being cold you would be happy wearing a duvet out and about.

Scarves and hats are forever my favourite accessory, you just throw them on and you’re ready to go. Plus your neck, face and ears are warm and a hat covers up a bad hair day, 2 birds one stone.

I’m not really a pants or jeans person and wearing skirts when it’s snowing would catch you some bewildered looks. Enter: tights and leggings; I’m not talking the see through leggings that you get for £2 at Primark, get the proper thick ones from Topshop, they last longer and no one can see your bum.

Getting through this weather is one mean feat, only the strong survive and if I didn’t have my winter pieces I think I would have to hibernate until the snow disappears.

Bring on the sun!

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