Jason Reeves – The New Ed Sheeran?

Here’s something for all you Yuppee Ed Sheeran fans.

Jason Reeves.

An all-American singer-songwriter and musician Jason Reeves, has come to my attention as being the new Ed Sheeran. Okay, so Jason Reeves is not exactly fresh on the music scene, having his first self-released album back in 2003, but the two singers both have similar sounds and beautiful voices. Jason Reeves is what the music industry so desperately needs right now, to forget about auto-tuned beats and take it right back to the basics, with a natural sound. Reeves’ phenomenalsong writing talent has paved the way to his incredible career in music. Reeves is currently working with producer Mikal Blue, and fellow singers Colbie Caillat and Kara DioGuardi to produce chart hits such as, “Bubbly” and “Realize”, “Bubbly” being his most successful song release taking the #1 spot in the American Chart Billboard 100. His work as a solo artist has led him to self-release 4 albums and an EP, and now he is signed with Warner Bros. Records. His critical acclaim doesn’t stop there and is reaching new heights with him being named one of the Top Indie Singer- Songwriters by iTunes.

Reeves’ music is beautifully drawn from life’s inspirations and is like a breath of fresh air to any cynic out there. His heart-warming vocals coupled with his philosophical lyrics culminate in musical perfection. His music has the boy next door appeal and reminds me so much of Ed Sheeran. With 4 albums under his belt, there is something for everyone, from the up on cloud nine love song, “Pretty Eyes” to the moment we all despise of being told by a lover to be “Just Friends”, Reeves’ music is relatable to all listeners.

His modesty is his best policy, as he refuses to take credit for his exceptional talent, and says, “all songs exist in the atmosphere, and artists are on a romantic search to pull them down and give them life.” With the release of his 2012 album “Songs Are Silent Films” doing immensely well in the charts, Reeves insists, “I’m just a simple boy that believes in love and dreams.”

Jason Reeves is truly a talented and extraordinary musician.

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