Made In Chelsea: We’re Ready

After weeks of eager anticipation and cracking advertising, we were ready. HD ready. Ready-brek. And the season’s opening episode did not disappoint. As expected, the hour long episode was awash with high-society parties, a little bit of nudity (looking at you Mr.Laing), many an awkward silence, over the top fur coats, mid-afternoon cocktails and Spencer blaming anyone but himself for the pickle he’s wound up in…  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

True to form, Spencer persisted in being a Class-A idiot, throwing his toys out the pram, talking nonsense that provoked hysterical laughter amongst my housemates, and treating his pals and girlfriend like dirt; maybe Tool Academy should be the next reality TV show he grabs a starring role in… On the topic of Spenny, is it really necessary to blabber in French when out to dinner? I don’t speak Chinese at my local take-away, but maybe that’s because I didn’t grow up on the gleaming streets of Chelsea, or because I’m not an arrogant toff, to my knowledge…

Binky, meanwhile, befriended the entire cast; most surprisingly perhaps Lucy Watson- could another Jamie Laing love-triangle be on the cards? Oh we do hope so. The Lost Boys struggled to reconcile their differences when signing for a new crib, one can be sure they won’t be dealing with damp walls or grotty student curtains though. Biggest shock of the night goes to Ollie and Ashley partnering up- I for one did not see that coming. As for the biggest let-down, well that has to be the beautiful blossoming romance between Sophia and lovely Francis amounting to nothing, a whole season invested in them and we don’t get to see the results!

With one episode down, it looks like its set to be a cracking season: bets are on: will Louise be in a scene in which she doesn’t cry? How many things will make contact with Spenny’s big head? Will Pro Green show his face and give poor Millie a storyline that doesn’t involve her pet pooches? Roll on Monday 10pm when we can indulge a little more in the lavish lifestyles of these loaded 20-somethings…

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