Nina Nesbitt ‘Stay Out’ EP

Being a consistent listener of radio 1 I kept hearing a track that I’m predicting everyone will be singing this summer, ‘Stay Out’ by newcomer Nina Nesbitt. Putting a face to the voice I was surprised to find out the talented singer/songwriter is only 18 – ironic as she bravely sings about people who were ‘born in 1991’. But no one will disagree with the lyrics of Stay Out, telling us to ‘see through her eyes’ Nina tells it how it is. Particularly my favourite line, ‘checkered shirts and chino trousers, is this some kind of uniform’ – helpful if the fashion of 2012/2013 is ever being studied! The track reminds me of being at a festival and should be a song everyone has on their summer playlist. The upbeat guitar playing makes Nina’s sound comparable to the likes of Katie Tunstall and Gabrielle Aplin.

Listening to the rest of her ‘Stay Out EP’ and discovering older tracks online I immediately referred to Nina Nesbitt as a female Ed Sheeran. This may be because the internet bombarded me with photos of them together, they’ve been romantically linked and she appeared in his ‘Drunk’ video. But with the theme of their songs and use of metaphorical lyrics mixed with guitar chords the similarity can’t be denied. Especially the EP track ‘Just Before Goodbye’, which also brings in more of a country sound.

A unique sound on the EP is ‘Statue’ which switches guitar to piano and is a lot slower compared to the other toe tapping tracks. The lyrics show a more emotional, naive theme and coming from an 18 year old girl there’s no doubt any teenage girl will be quoting and relating to the lyrics whilst they listen.

My favourite track on the EP – although this is changing most days – is ‘Boy’. It’s an upbeat sound, easily likable and impossible to not sing along too; which also sums up the overall sound of Nina Nesbitt. If this is just the EP I can’t wait for the album.

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