Top Five F1 drivers who are yet to shine this season

  • Jenson Button – Since the beginning of the season all Button seems to have done is moan about his car and now he’s getting annoyed by his teammate too. The most experienced Brit in the racing pack is frustrated by the speed his car has lost between this season and the last. However, Sergio Perez has shown that he can scoop up points with a bit of assertive driving and focus so perhaps Button needs to stop thinking negatively, take up the gauntlet and just drive with the passion he so clearly has.
  • Mark Webber – A series of unfortunate events have been the main setback for Webber, with back pit stops, car problems and incidents on the track seemingly all taking a liking to him. However, as soon as his luck changes he will certainly return to his rightful place, the front of the grid with Sebastian Vettel.
  • Romain Grosjean – A problem with his car seems to have been the thing holding Gr osjean back, although Lotus will not confirm what it was, but his performance in Bahrain was improved and we should expect to see him moving his way up the grid. However, he must learn from last year’s mistakes, he does not want his reputation for reckless driving to surface again.
  • Adrian Sutil – The German returns to redeem himself after missing out on last season due to an assault charge. Sutil has always been there to cause an upset amongst the grid and it would be good to see him return to his old form. Recently he has been too busy being involved in spats with teammate Paul di Resta on track and has not shown his potential. He needs to focus on the bigger picture and start producing some more consistent performances.
  • Max Chilton – The newest Brit to enter into the fray, Chilton is under the watchful eye of all. He has certainly got the media part of the job under control but with a Marussia to handle he will have to pull off some excellent drives to really make his name. He is still learning, of course, and this may not be the season where we see his true colours but we can hope that he has a bright future ahead.
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