Top Three Things to do in Dover

While Dover, England isn’t usually on the tourist radar, there are plenty of great things to do in this port city to liven up a holiday. Dover has a lot to offer: a beautiful castle, white cliffs, war tunnels, country walks and it’s a great place to catch a ferry from Dover to Calais. Whatever the time of year, Dover makes for a fun holiday destination for families or young travellers alike.

Visit Dover Castle
I love castles. Dover castle is a very traditional looking castle, dominating the city. Originally constructed in the 12the century, this castle has been dubbed the guardian of England, standing in the way of many intruders who were attempting to take over England. As the gateway to England, Dover and its castle are a key part of England’s history. Amongst all this history, you’ll find a number of sweet cafes dotted around to break up your visit to Dover Castle.

Explore White Cliffs
The White Cliffs of Dover are exactly that: white cliffs. From the top of the White Cliffs you’ll get an amazing view of Dover port and on a very clear day you can even see the French coastline. You can even see the White Cliffs on a ferry from Dover to Calais, allowing you to enjoy impressive views of these beautiful cliffs. This is the perfect way to kill a bit of time if you’re early for your ferry to Calais.

Dover Secret Time War Tunnels
During the Second World War there were a number of “secret” war tunnels constructed under the White Cliffs. A visit to the Dover Secret War Tunnels is a must for any history buff, as you’ll enjoy a 50 minute guided tour through this secret labyrinth. The tunnels themselves served as a hospital and a military base during the war. Visiting the tunnels is a great way to step back in time and to learn a little more about Britain’s long and rich history.

While Dover is rarely considered a top tourist spot, it’s definitely a great place to visit when taking a ferry between England and France.

Is there anything you consider to be a “must do” in Dover?

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