Why Young Americans Are Choosing Costa Rica As Their Travel Destination

Those hoodlums and young kids are finally growing up into mature and responsible adults… well almost. First it is important for a few last hurrahs and a couple of beachfront vacations before hitting the corporate world, and transitioning into serious adult life. Many kids these days are working hard to get into good schools, and studying hard trying to get a career started. This generation of young adults is a work hard to play hard kind of group. While looking to be mature and responsible, they also see the importance of travelling, seeing the world, and maybe even holding off a bit on a family and career so that they can experience their youth to the fullest.

Costa Rica is known as a great place for the young and the young at heart. Filled with culture and friendly locals, makes it a great place for solo travel or a location for someone looking to experience something more. Along with its richness in its people, it is also full of activities, adventure, wildlife, and opportunities for exploration. There are such a wide variety of thrills that anyone could find something they love. The weather doesn’t hurt either. The country averages out at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round, which means some locations are a bit cooler like San Jose, and Monte Verde, while others stay a lot warmer up to 85 or 90 degrees. Enjoy great activities during the twelve hours of sunshine that Costa Rica enjoys, and take a nice siesta at the peak of heat in your lovely air-conditioned Tamarindo Vacation Rental.

Another great aspect about Costa Rica is that all major locations speak English. Being able to communicate easily with locals will help you better take advantage of public transportation, and learn about local activities. Nature hikes and rainforest tours are best with the accompaniment of a local tour guide that can better explain and show you the varieties of plants and animals. Having little or no language barrier lets some of these activities be all the more exciting and informational. If you do feel like taking some journeys, remember that it is very close to Panama to the south, and Nicaragua to the north, so it is a great place if you are looking to seek out a few countries at once.

Yet another reason that many young adults are choosing Costa Rica as a travel destination, is that while it is still affordable, it is also very safe, and tourist friendly. Basing much of their economy off of tourism, locals know the importance of keeping tourists safe, and showing them a good time while they are in the country. The money conversion is fairly simple, since most tourist towns keep the exchange at 500 colones to 1 dollar. This helps you purchase items and count your change fairly quickly without needing to bust out a calculator.

Travellers to Costa Rica can also find amazing Costa Rica Vacation Deals if they have time to plan ahead, or a flexible travel schedule.  With flight prices changing constantly, when you find an affordable ticket, book it.  You can always spend a little extra to insure the ticket, just in case your plans change. If travelling in the shoulder seasons, May through November, also known, as the “rainy season” but is actually some of the best months of the year for locals. The country is green and blooming during these months, and absolutely beautiful. While there may be a few days of rain, they are generally quick and heavy down pours, leaving the rest of the day cool and refreshing. Great ways to spend the early days of rain is taking a muddy and slippery ATV tour, or swimming at the pool in the refreshing rain showers. Low season offers special prices for vacation rentals, activities, and even some restaurant deals, just ask when booking tours and save yourself a little green.

Weather it is to save a little money, looking for thrills and adventures, seeking rich culture, or travelling to meet friendly locals, Costa Rica has all of the great appeals that young travellers are looking for. Surfing, Paddle boarding, kayaking, horseback riding, zip-lining, and some of the most amazing lush rainforests are some of the many reasons young travelers are choosing Costa Rica for their adventure vacation destination.

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