The light at the end of the tunnel- Day 5

I woke up today, and could not wait to get out of bed, as I knew that the campaign would be over.

This year I have taken part in the Live below the Line Campaign; an international campaign which helps to make people more aware of what extreme poverty actually is. So for the past five days, I’ve lived on a pound a day.

Today, I’ve been grumpy and snappy, but at the same time I felt a relief that tomorrow morning when I wake up I can make myself a cup of tea!

Meals for today consisted of the same old; porridge, pasta, and rice. I’m sick of seeing the same food everyday; I really struggled to eat my porridge this morning as I found it hard to enjoy.

It’s hard to believe that millions of people are living this way, but I’m so happy I have taken part in this campaign and helped towards putting an end to extreme poverty.

I still have some food left, half a bag of rice, half a bag of porridge and a couple of vegetable stock cubes.

Mum has stocked the fridge up with fruit so, by tomorrow afternoon, it will probably be empty again.

The campaign is such a tiring but rewarding experience, and it’s a great feeling to be doing something so worthwhile.

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