5 Crazy Things To Do In Koh San Road

Bangkok is one of those places you have to visit once in your lifetime. And when you do, make sure you let your hair down on Koh San Road! Here are my top 5 crazy things to do… I dare you!


1. Party like there’s no tomorrow. KSR never sleeps, it’s mental. From rooftop bars to underground clubs. Buckets of beer to ‘shots of sperm’. Anything goes here.


2. Eat something funky. By funky I don’t mean a disco chicken. (You may start seeing these after a couple of weird shots). I mean head to the street vendor that sells all things gross on a stick. Scorpions, tarantulas, cockroaches and more. They don’t taste great but after a few pints of beer you will do anything for a good photo opportunity.


3. Get a tattoo. Mr Tung is apparently the best in the Bangkok. Just make sure you have had your jabs and don’t get ‘Bangkok’ tattooed on you’re ass without the ‘O’.


4. *popping noise* get a Tuk Tuk to Pat Pong. I’ve heard the ladies are very talented. ‘Girl and magic razor blade’ really got me thinking… How the hell do they realise they can do these things? I’ve never had the desire to try myself.


5. Still drunk? Head to one of the massage parlours. They don’t seem to close. And it’s just magical, just what you need to top off you’re crazy night in BKK.


Now its safe to say, Bangkok has you now.

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