Prepare… A girl talking about body image in the media…

Prepare yourself! It’s a girl talking about body image in the media…

Alright so you’ve all heard this story before. “How can they say that? Wow she is really not fat when you compare her to me..” Blah blah fricken blah! This is ridiculous. I am so fed up with women thinking that a size 12 or a size 14 is fat. When on earth did it become fat? It is healthy to have curves. Now I am not condemning a size 0 or a size 4 but what I am so angry about is all the pressure on women to be a stick when actually their body isn’t built that way. I have hips and curves and yeah when I was in my younger teens I was made to feel like I was fat because that’s not what they media liked in girls. It’s not what was on our television screens. I have never suffered with anorexia or anything like that but I know people who have and who do suffer with some kind of eating disorder. It’s alright to want to go to the gym and it’s alright to want to lose weight but when it starts to become about wanting to impress people and wanting to change who you are to fit in, then I have major issues with it.

I admit that I could trim up a little bit but that’s because I want to be healthy and get the most out of my life. I couldn’t give a monkey’s uncle about what society says about it all but when I go on my Facebook page and see that some sexist little creep has shared a picture that shows models and anorexic women with the labels curvy, fat and obese, I couldn’t just sit back and let that slide.

Girls commenting in their hundreds saying “I wish I was skinny maybe then i’d get a boyfriend” – That comment alone had over 70 likes. 70! I went on to that girls page and she was nowhere near what I would call overweight. She was healthy and most likely a size 10/12. What on earth has made that beautiful girl think she was overweight? I’ll tell you what it was. The media. Those men who sit for hours and photoshop women to an inch of their lives making sure that every single little detail is perfect. When actually women are not perfect, but they are absolutely stunningly beautiful just the way they are. And at the risk of sounding disgustingly feminist and modern, something has to be done about this. This distortion of what women should be.

I don’t want any of my daughters growing up in a society that tells her she’s ugly or fat. She will be the most incredible, stunning, talented woman I will ever know. I want her to have the confidence to believe that, NOT be shut down and oppressed by this. This disgusting thing that is plaguing girls all over the world. Enough.

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