Could we get sick of Punk fashion?

After this years Met Ball, everybody is going goo-goo ga-ga for Punk. During the interviews that took place on the red carpet that were streamed via, it seemed that a lot of people’s Punk knowledge stemmed from either being in that era and living the Punk life, or from listening to the Sex Pistols.

Punk style, like grunge, hip-hop and pop, is becoming huge. It’s status is beginning to grow until it reaches the same level where Kate Middleton’s high-street shoe collection is comfortably perched. But is this status something that we should be celebrating? Punk is a sacred matter, if you think about it. It was an era in the 70’s that made England into what it is today. The subcultural movement caused Britain to be somewhat different to most other countries who were far behind us culture-wise. The colourful mohawks and dirty Dr. Martens changed the way most of us think about fashion; less safe and more rebellious and full of attitude.

I say this because as a punk music fan of some sorts, I worry that this new style will turn into something that we will eventually be sick to the back teeth of. Things like the song Rockstar by Nickelback. We would jump through blazing hoops, fight off tigers with our bare hands and chew off all of our limbs if it meant turning that song off. Also, like ‘geek’ and ‘dweeb’ t-shirts. It wouldn’t matter whether Hayley Williams wore one in Paramore’s Still Into You video, they’re still not cool. And finally Beyonce, who after the Superbowl has been on advertising spots, the radio, in stores and on my TV more times than I would like. (This doesn’t mean I dislike her, she’s great, I’m just fed up of her.)

But can top designers like Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs who took punk under their wing this season help to make Punk a little more cool and a little less cliche and overdone?

At the Met Ball, celebrities took their turn to display what they love about punk. They wore leather jackets sprinkled with studs, dresses that were a mesh material or wore so much eyeliner that would convince anybody of their utter punkiness. Sarah Jessica Parker even went as far to wearing a Phillip Treacy headpiece that resembled a faux mohawk, Miley Cyrus on the other hand went all out and spiked her short blonde hair up in different angles.

Some people took Punk into their arms and decided to play around with it. Rooney Mara, for example, wore white. To say that she was a pretty-kind-of-punk would be an understatement, the Givenchy dress was strikingly beautiful and her plum lips equalled two huge thumbs up from me. Another great example would be the unlikely Hunger Games hero, Elizabeth Banks who wore a gold Altelier Versace dress.

However, others, didn’t really take the Punk theme too well into mind. If we consider that traditional Punk is harsh materials, studs, safety pins, rips and tears in clothes, we must understand that perhaps couture Punk is a little less calm and easy. But so easy that it caused Kim Kardashian to dress… Well, like that. But as my mum always said to me: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” So I won’t.

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